Customer Service Pillar

Establishing relationships with customers based on trust, loyalty, and goodwill – converting them into a powerful salesforce

The 6 Pillars of Business Success: Doing Business Right
by Roger Doumanian available on

The 6 Pillars of Business Success: Doing Business Right
by Roger Doumanian available on

The most important word in business is “relationships.”

If you see the people who buy your products or services simply as customers, if you treat them as numbers, or refer to them as accounts, you’ll never establish relationships. And without relationships, your business doesn’t grow.

The other essential word is “longevity.” Relationships are meaningless if they don’t last. The key to success is lasting relationships with your customers – and the key to lasting relationships is quality customer service. Treating your customers with respect, taking an interest in their well-being, and adding value to them through your relationship, will turn them into a powerful sales force for your business.

  • So, the million-dollar question is… how do you establish those lasting relationships?
  • How do you add value to your customers?

By establishing the Customer Service Pillar!

The Customer Service Pillar in Action

Customers are the lifeline of your business. Treating them right, before, during, and after the sale, is a must. As the number of your customers increases, so will the demand for customer service. The quality of care you provide to your customers will make all the difference between you and your competitors. Here’s how your trained customer service team will help you get that competitive edge.

  • Address Questions and Concerns: Answer questions and address concerns before, during, and after the relationship with the customer is established.
  • Assist and Support: Provide on-going assistance and support to customers with such things as instructions for use, installation, maintenance, training, troubleshooting, and other support, to ensure the customer’s full enjoyment of the product or service purchased.
  • Solve Problems: Offer solutions to problems experienced by the customer during their interaction with the company, with the use of the company’s products or services, or just by listening to a customer who only wants to be heard.
  • Follow Up: Conduct follow up calls, email, or send direct mail pieces, to ensure that customers are satisfied with your company’s products or services. In addition, they address concerns brought forth by customers, as well as offer additional products or services.
    • Sales Assistance: Assist the Sales Team with the completion of sales transactions, offer add-on products or services, upsell, and take sales-related actions that will increase the company’s revenues and improve the bottom line.
    • Feedback: Gather feedback from customers about their experience and satisfaction with, as well as their perception of, and willingness to recommend, the company and its products or services.
    • Culture: Embody the company’s “customer-focused” culture into every interaction, to strengthen the relationship with existing and potential consumers, and ensure their longevity.


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